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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guppy fish is very exotic

Guppy fish with scientific name (Poecilia reticulata) was discovered by Robert John Lechmere Guppy, an Englishman who, in Trinidad in 1850. Since then the name of Guppy is used as a popular name for this fish.
Guppy fish dubbed 'a thousand' (million fish) because the fish are easy and quick to breed. Guppy nature / wild 've also used as a tool to eradicate the malaria mosquito larvae. His ability to gobble up mosquito larvae proved to be effective to reduce the development of malaria. Until now natural guppy can easily be found in ponds, ditches and small streams. Guppy besides known as an easy fish to breed fish also has the nickname of 'rainbow' because of a variety of color patterns and many new patterns that appear when combined with other types.

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